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Venue FAQs

  1. Is security required?

  2. Am I allowed to use the outdoor area for my booking including placing furniture outside?
    The outdoor area is the property of the Council permission will need to be sought by them. 


  3. What are the size of the tables and how many are there?

  4. Is there a cool room/fridge facilities?
    Yes, there are 2 commercial fridges available for use. 


  5. Do we need a first aid kit?


  6. Are there tea and coffee facilities?
    Yes, there is an urn, cups and saucers available for your use, you will just need to bring the tea, coffee, milk and sugar.


  7. Do I require insurance for my function?
    For private functions, you do not require insurance however if your event is open to the public, we will require a copy of your public liability insurance.


  8. What is included in my booking?
    Exclusivity, absolute beachfront, table clothes, cutlery, crockery, amenities, kitchen, glassware, tea and coffee station,


  9. Is a bond or deposit required?
    Yes a bond of $500 is required for every booking.


  10. Is there a curfew for live music?
    All functions must end by midnight. 


  11. When do I have access to the venue?
    At the time you have requested your booking to start is the time you will be provided access to the venue. 


  12. How will I access the venue?
    The Bookings Manager will be in contact with you prior to your booking to arrange access.


  13. Are 18ths and 21sts allowed?
    No, the club does not allow 18ths and 21sts. 


  14. Am I required to clean the venue?
    Yes, you are required to clean the venue and leave it exactly as you found it. 


  15. Can I bring my own alcohol?
    Yes you are able to bring your own alcohol. 


  16. Is AV included in my booking?
    Yes, a project and 


  17. Access? i.e. wheelchair access
    The venue is at ground level and accessible via wheelchair. 


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